Is it your desire to learn more about digital marketing and to be informed about the best digital marketing courses available to you?Do you want to become Google certified and start your career with an excellent digital marketing certification to distinguish yourself from the competition?Awesome!

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Learn everything about digital marketing from search engines, search marketing, and paid advertising to social media and mobile marketing, and everything in between with Google Digital Marketing Courses. Advertisers and internet marketers are constantly confronted with new challenges and opportunities as the world of digital marketing continues to expand at a rapid pace.

Designed to guide students and marketing professionals through the process of learning Digital Marketing channels, techniques, and related practices that will assist them in channelizing and optimising their Google digital marketing campaigns, Google Digital Marketing Courses are available online.

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1. Video Advertising Course

In order to establish an authentic connection with potential customers, video has emerged as a revolutionary method of communication. When preparing for the Google Video Advertising certification, the lessons in this digital marketing course from Google describe the relevance of video, examine how video campaign function, and provide video promotion best practices.

a. Exam Preparation Guide

This Video Advertising Exam Study Guide is intended for those who need to prepare for the Video Advertising certification exam. From fundamental and sophisticated video advertising concepts to how video promotions on YouTube and the Google Display Network can assist your customers in meeting their advertising objectives, this course has it all.Additionally, it encompasses the creation and management of video advertising campaigns, as well as the measurement and optimization of their performance.

b. A Refresher on the Subject

An abbreviated version of the full Video Advertising Study Guide, this useful resource can serve as an excellent refresher before you take the Video advertising exam or while you are working with your AdWords campaign for video advertising. It is available for download here.

c. The Different Types of Video Ads

Get an understanding of the many types of video advertisements available and how they might benefit your customer’s company’s growth.

d. Making money off of AdWords for video

Using AdWords for video allows you to take advantage of the largest video audience on the planet. It enables you to present AdWords for video as a response to your business partner in a more effective manner.

e. Instructions on How to Create Video Ads

It guides you through the process of creating a video advertisement for your business partners on YouTube in the shortest amount of time feasible utilising YouTube.

2. Course on Shopping Promotions and Advertising

Shopping advertising campaigns provide your product photos, pricing, and business name straight in front of people who are looking for what you have to offer on Google, thereby increasing your sales.

The training modules in this course address the development and administration of your Google Merchant Centre account, the optimization of shopping campaigns, and best practices for preparing for the Shopping Advertising certification exam, among other topics.

a. Exam Preparation Guide

It is believed to be the most beneficial for those who need to prepare for the Shopping Advertising exam. The course covers everything from setting up and managing your Google Merchant Centre account to product data feed submission, bidding, and optimization, among other topics.

b. A Refresher on the Subject

If you’re taking the shopping advertising exam, or if you’re working on your shopping AdWords campaigns, this is a condensed version of the full Shopping Advertising Study Guide that can serve as an exceptional reminder before you sit for the exam.

3. Course in Analytics

The Analytical Methods In this article, Google Digital Marketing discusses Google Analytics, including why it is important, how it works, and how to navigate about inside the Analytics tools.

a. Analytics Academy

The Analytics Academy’s Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Platform Principles courses are required to prepare for the Analytics IQ exam and understand how Analytics works, including how to create a Google Analytics account, gather information from sources such as web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, and explore reports.

b. Analytics IQ Exam Preparation Guide

Whatever your level of familiarity with digital analytics, these Help Centre articles will help you get the most out of your study time and maximise your chances of passing the Analytics IQ exam.

c. Google AdWords and Google Analytics

Discover how integrating AdWords and Analytics can improve the effectiveness of your messaging, bidding, and campaign implementation.

d. Google Analytics/ Smart Goals

Understand what Smart Goals are and how they may assist you in identifying the most engaged customers on your customer’s website by using them.

4. Tools and Best Practices Training Course

The proper planning and organisation are essential for a successful advertising campaign to be successful. Students should make use of the resources provided in this course to better understand their prospects and competitors, as well as to research the current digital marketing trends and keyword searches in their respective industries.

Google’s Guide to Best Practices

Google’s Best Practices Series provides invaluable guidance on the most effective search engine marketing methods, AdWords approaches, and the fundamentals of paid search advertising, among other topics. Google Digital Marketing Courses include the following tools:

  • Google Planning Tools (
  • Keyword Planner and Display Planner are two of the most popular tools.
  • Google Trends is a search engine that tracks how people are using the internet.
  • Consumer Barometer, among other things.

5. Search Advertising Course

Advertisements on the Google Search Network assist advertisers in reaching the right people at the right time by leveraging relevant keyword records and phrases. In this course, students gain a thorough understanding of search advertising optimization best practices and prepare for the Search Advertising exam by completing the modules in this course.

a. Study Guide for the Search Advertising Exam

This book is intended for individuals who need to prepare for the Search Advertising certification exam. It enables you to understand everything from how search works to how to build Ad Campaigns, Ad Configurations, and how to screen and upgrade Ad performance, among other things.

b. Search Refresher Guide for Beginners

This useful resource is a condensed version of the entire Search Advertising Study Guide, and it can serve as an excellent reminder before you take the AdWords exam or while you are managing your AdWords campaign. It is available for immediate download.

c. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: An Overview of the Concept (RLSA)

It assists you in sending the appropriate message to the appropriate individual at the appropriate time by leveraging RLSA.

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