Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions getting frequently asked by the viewers.

1. Do you allow free business listing?

Yes, we do allow a free business listing.

2. How many Business Listing can I Post?

Well, we have 3 different plans. If you have have to post more than one business or service then you need to buy a paid plan. You need to first register yourself and then select category after that the plan will show on your screen.

3. Can I post the website link on a free plan?

Yes, you can post a website link on every plan.

4. Can I post multiple images on free business listing?

Yes, you can.

5. Only website owner can Register on

Everyone can Register Free Business or services to Those haven’t any business website can also register with their service details. Your contact details should be correct and your services details should seem like genuine person like email, phone no., location, etc. Otherwise you can face rejection because we cannot promote spam.

6. Can I edit my content or the details of the post?

Yes you can edit the post details by yourself or let us know if any problem occurred.

7. How much time, it will take to approve my business listing?

For free users, it will take up to 7 days. For paid users, once we receive the payment on bank. Your business listings will get live.

8. Is my information secured?

Yes your information is absolutely secured. We do not share any of your information with third parties? To know more about the privacy, please read our privacy policy and still if you have any queries, you can send us an email

9. Can I delete my Business listing?

Yes you can anytime ask for us to delete. If your listing is paid, it will not get refunded.

10. Is GUEST posting allowed to user?

Guest post only allow to the paid member as per their plan.

11. Will you Promote the guest post?

Yes we will promote the guest post.

12. What is the reason for rejection of business listing?

If we found that the details posted by you is not correct.
You post it on wrong category.
You have not filled any contacting details like phone no. , email, website etc.
We will show only that details which seems like real.

13. Where can I ask if I have any query?

You can send your query at our business email or fill the form. contact us

14. What are the extra features I will get on paid listing?

Your business listings are live for more days. You are allowing to submit guest posts. We will also promote your guest post on our social profiles.

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