What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads is one of the best ways to reach your targeted audience as Facebook is the largest social network in the world. This is the reason business owners spend their money on Facebook ads to get more real customers. Business owners require Facebook ads experts to grow their business and they will give handsome amounts in return to the experts. If you are looking to start your career in Digital Marketing then Facebook ads are currently in demand and if you get expertise in this field then you will get a good amount of salary. With the Facebook Ads skills, you can start your career as a freelancer or working in any IT company. 

Facebook ads specialist is a designation given to the freelancer or working in any IT company, who have the skills to run facebook ads campaigns. In this blog, we will discuss steps and guides to become a Facebook Ads Expert.

How Facebook Sale Funnel Work

In Digital Marketing Or Social media marketing sales funnel works the same. As a social media marketer you must know how to create these sales funnels. Below are the stages:

Stage 1: In this step, you will find new people with your ads by targeting location, ages, language, etc. In this stage people will know about your business services or your products. 

Stage 2: In the second step, we will retargeting the people who visited our website or saw our ad but still not buy our product or services. 

Stage3: In the 3rd stage, you can target the existing customers who already buyed from your product or service. You can provide better offers or discounts to your customers so that they stick with your brand.

Note: You can customize your funnel according to your marketing skills. 

Step by Step Guide to Become Facebook Ads Specialist:

First of all, you should know the types of Facebook ads

  1. Image Ads: These ads are simple, you just need to show creativity on creating the image so that the message will be delivered to your audience. 
  2. Video Ads: In this you can create a GIF or a video whatever you think which suits your business. The more you put your creativity, the more you get the results. 
  3. Poll Ads: This ad is only run on the mobile. In this ad, there are options available to choose and every option can navigate to a different place. This is the engagement type of ads with the audience.
  4. Carousel Ads: In these ads, there are up to 10 images which you can scroll sideways. If you have various products then you should go to this ad type. 
  5. Slideshow Ads: In these ads, you can create short video ads from the already posted images, text or videos within the ads manager.
  6. Collection Ads: In these ads, you can showcase up to 5 images or videos that customers can click to buy a product or service. This type of ads are for mobile only. 
  7. Lead Ads: This type of ads are used to collect the contact details of the audience which are interested in your product or services.These ads are similar to filling up the forms. These ads are only run on the mobile. 
  8. Dynamic Ads: These ads are likely to promote your product to the customer who has interest in them. For example: a user visits your website and checks out your product but for some reason didn’t purchase it. With these types of ads, you can show the same product in their Facebook feed. 
  9. Messenger Ads: In this type of ads, you can show your ads to messenger.
  10. Stories Ads: These ads are vertically full screen video ads and runs only on mobile.
  11. Augmented reality ads: In these ads, users use filters and animation to interact with your brand. For example, the filter could help users see what a hat and goggles would look like fitted on their face. 

How to create your First Ad:

The basic requirement for running ads is that you must have a Facebook business page if you don’t have then you need to create it first.

You must have a strong understanding about how Facebook ads manager works. This platform is used  to manage your Facebook ad campaigns and Facebook pages. With the business manager account, you can manage multiple clients with their separate accounts. Under a business manager account.

You can directly Sign in to Facebook ads Manager Or choose the following option. The following screen will be shown to you. 

When you open your Facebook page with the admin login then you will see the following screen and you have to click the Business suite which is shown in the below screenshot with a red border. 

After clicking on the business suite, the following screen will be shown. Within this tool, you are able to check the notification, messages, insights, post engagement, ads, etc. 

In the above screenshot you can see the more tools option in the left sidebar. Click on that and select the ads manager. Following screen has been shown to you.

Step1: Click on the create button shown in the above screenshot. Then you have to choose your objective. Objective means what are your goals which you want to achieve from your ads. There are basically 3 main categories: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. 

Awareness: This objective is for telling people about your brand or services how it can be helpful for them. If you are going to launch a new business service then this objective is suitable to you. 

Consideration: This objective is used if you like someone to learn more about your business. If you want people to come to your website and get to know more about your business and services.

Conversion: This objective is used when you want to sell your business services or product to your audience. 

2  After selecting your objective, you have to give a name to your campaign. It can be anything. Just to remember in the future Or if you are running multiple campaigns simultaneously. You can name the campaign same as your objective with date.

3. Budget: You need to choose your budget which you can afford on your Facebook ads. Select your budget on a daily basis or lifetime budget. In daily budget the amount will be deducted on a daily basis and in the lifetime option, you can schedule the timing on which you want to run the ads according to your audience presence. 

4. Audience: You can target your audience from the age, gender, location and language. You can also select from their interest and behavior basis. While selecting your audience, check out the estimate of the audience which is shown on the right hand side. By watching your audience estimation you can customize your audience.

5. Ad Placement: Ad placements are the places in Facebook where you want to show your ad. Ad placements in Facebook are: News feeds (your home section), stories section, In-stream ads( Ads played in between watching videos), search ads (ad will show when someone does a search), messages.

You can also select it from the device type (mobile, desktop), platform(Facebook, Instagram and messenger), OS of mobile devices( ios, android) 

6. You need to create your ad with your graphics and content. 

Note: In Facebook ads, below are the limit of characters which are used in Facebook ads. You will get the different options according to the Facebook ad type:

Heading: 40 characters

Description: 125 characters

Link: 30 character

These character lengths also vary on some ad types. 

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is a tracking code which is used to analyse the performance of your ad and you can track the traffic and their actions. Further this helps in re-marketing as well. This code is installed in the website back-end. Within the Facebook business manager, you can create this tracking code. Facebook ads experts should know how to install the Facebook pixel code inside the website Or it can be done with the help of a developer. 

Importance of Graphics in Facebook ads

Graphics are the soul of Facebook ads as Images and videos are used in every ad. I recommend Canva as I am using the same to create graphics. Canva is very convenient and free to use where you can get thousands of templates free of cost. If you are creating graphics for Facebook ads then type Facebook ads in the search box of Canva. You will get the free templates and their dimensions are the same which are used in Facebook ads.

Competitor Analysis

If you are running a campaign in marketing then you should keep an eye on your competitor because you should know what they are doing to get the results and by watching their action you can figure out their mistakes and create better ads OR if you found they have done the great job then you must follow them. You can check out the Facebook Ads Library and watch out what your competitors.

How to Create Report For Facebook Clients:

You must know how to create a Facebook ads report, so that you can tell your clients how much benefits they will get from your efforts. To create reports, you should know the metrics which show improvement on your ad campaign. Below are most important which you should shown to your client:

CTR: CTR is click through rate and it is defined as the percentage of number of click over Impression: how many times your ad has been viewed.

Clicks: How many times users click on your ads. 

Post reach: Total number of users who have viewed your ads.

Cost per click: It is the average amount which has been deducted from every click.

You can start creating your report with this link: Facebook ads report. You can select the above metrics given in the right hand side and create reports. 

Conclusion: In this Blog, we have learned about how to become a Facebook expert. We have covered all the major parts on which you should work to become an expert.To become Facebook ads expert: 

  • We must know about Facebook pixel
  • We must know how Facebook Sales funnel Work
  • We should know the types of Facebook ads so that we can make a decision of which ads format will be the best suitable for targeting business.
  • We should know about ads manager to run and manage campaigns, 
  • We have the skills to create graphics or video as these are vital in Facebook ads, 
  • You should have the knowledge of how to do competitor analysis. 
  • You should know how to report to the client..

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