What is Facebook Marketplace?

From the name itself, Facebook has launched a place within Facebook to sell or buy goods. You have heard this before about OLX, Quikr, etc on television ads to buy or sell your goods. In the same way, Facebook has launched a marketplace for their users to get the maximum benefits from their own platform. This is good for Facebook as well as the people will stick to their platform. However, Facebook provides a platform to list your product for sale without getting involved in the payment transaction and shipping process.


You just need to have a Facebook account to use the feature of the Facebook marketplace. When users visit Facebook Marketplace, they see a collection of nearby items which are currently available for sale. Users can also search for something specific by clicking on the search icon present on the left-hand side of the desktop screen and typing the specific things they are looking for. There is also a Categories option by which you can search as per the category. There are other options available like Inbox, Your account, Create a new listing to submit your product and there is also a Filters option in which you can choose the location and radius. So that you will see the product in that particular location and within the radius. 


List of Items you can post on Marketplace:

  • In the above screenshot, you can check all the categories of listing ON which you can list your products.

Guide to Post your product on Facebook Marketplace

You need to click on create a new listing button present in the left side of the marketplace on the desktop. 


Then you need to choose the listing type from Item for sale, a vehicle for sale, home for sale or rent, Job opening. 


Then the seller needs to upload pictures of their item, post an impressive title, its description, and price, confirm a location and save the listing. Placing an offer is free of charge. Your listing should follow the community policy, otherwise, your listing will not get life in Facebook Marketplace.


You need to click on the post button to publish your listing.

Facebook Marketplace - SELECT AUDIENCE

After clicking on the Post button! Your products get published on the Facebook Marketplace. You can navigate your store by clicking on the shop tab.

Note: Check out the instruction which you need to follow given in this link: here. Also, check out the community standards governing the Marketplace.

Important Tips for the buyers

Once you done the publishing of your listing, users will start contacting you to get more information of the listed product. You can chat with all interested buyers using Messenger.

If seller and buyer have finalized to commit sale and the payment has not been done yet, then mark as pending.

In this way, you are giving a signal to other viewers that someone is committing to buy this product and if someone still messaging you about the item he/she will receive an automated message that the item is pending a sale.

Completing the sale

It is recommended to follow safety practices when you are going to meet a buyer outside.

Important tips for the Sellers:

  • Check out the Facebook profile before meet them personally to ensure they are a trustworthy person.
  • Once the payment has been done fully, mark your item as sold. By doing this, users who has previously communicated with you about the item will receive a message of the item has been sold.
  • Buyers can give sellers a rating after each purchase 1 to 5 stars.
  • A 5-star rating is considered a positive experience. 3 stars or lower is considered negative.
  • A user can also give sellers a rating if they did chat only but didn’t purchased the item.
  • Be professional and calm in all communications as it will result to get a high rating.

Important Tips for buyers

  • Check the seller’s profile in the Marketplace from which you intend to make a purchase.
  • If you found the product quality as per your expectation then send a message to the seller and ask for more information which you want to know about the product and the secure payment method. 
  • You can check other similar products and their price to compare within your region. You must go with the best offer.  
  • You must not share your personal information as you don’t know the seller personally. Be especially careful with banking information.
  • Meet in public places for completing a transaction. I advise to not bring the strangers at your home.
  • You can check the ratings of sellers to know about its trustworthiness.

Another Option to advertise your listing: Boost Your Listing 

  1. You need to open your Facebook marketplace profile. Open your Facebook listing page and there is an option to boost your listing.
  2. You need to set the time interval and your budget. 
  3. You have the option to refine your target audience before making the ads live.

Facebook Marketplace Pros:

  • It’s free to use.
  • You can check the personal profile of who you’re buying from or selling to. 
  • You can check if you have any mutual friends, etc.

Facebook Marketplace Cons:

  • There is no payment solution or shipping option.
  • As I have above the listings need to be updated manually. There’s no automatic closure of the deal.
  • There can be fraud listings as well beware of the dishonest sellers or frauds. It is your personal responsibility to buy or sell. Facebook is not a mediator.

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Facebook Marketplace is a great platform to sell or buy products. The people who want to sell on Facebook Marketplace, have a massive audience who look out for their product and there is more probability to get sales. It is free and easy to set up and as such, you don’t need to pay before listing your product. You can use ads to sell quickly and expose your product to more people. In my opinion, the Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell goods. 

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