What email marketing can accomplish for your marketing plan and the magic that it can work isn’t something that happens by itself.

While we all understand that it is critical to develop drip campaigns that are tailored to the needs of your target audiences and to offer them with materials that will assist them in their decision-making process, content is only one piece of the jigsaw. You should think beyond the fundamentals when it comes to email campaign management, optimizing not only your content but also the methods in which you manage your campaigns from the inside out.


To obtain the outcomes you want from your email marketing plan, you must start with the basis of your approach. You may connect, engage, and convert by following these steps to sustain success and support appropriate campaign management.

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1. Increase the size of your email list

Without a list of subscribers who are eager to receive your email newsletters, you won’t be able to send them out. But how do you go about gathering those email addresses? There are a variety of methods for collecting client information in order to build your email list.

Make it as simple as possible for people to join up for your email marketing by including an opt-in form. Included in this is the addition of forms to your website that gathers leads when visitors engage with your current content, as well as the creation of gated assets that attract sign-ups from prospective customers.

When you add a new contact to your email marketing list, it is equally important to ask the proper questions to get to know them. Make sure you ask for information such as name, email, industry, job title, firm name and size, marketing budget, and anything else that can assist you in segmenting and qualifying your leads more efficiently in order to maximize your profits.

Always remember that quality is more essential than quantity while making a decision. The most astute marketers understand that purchasing email lists or adding people to your mailing list without their explicit consent is not only ineffective from a marketing standpoint (people will simply unsubscribe, and your brand’s pushiness will leave a bad taste in their mouths), but it may also be illegal under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In general, the greater the number of truly interested subscribers on your list, the more successful your emails will be.

2. Organize Your Email Lists in to Groups

Speaking about segmentation, it is critical to divide your leads into separate categories in order to target them more effectively. This entails categorizing contacts depending on where they are in the buyer’s journey so that you can give them material that is especially designed to move them to the next step rather than delivering everything to everyone at the same time.

Make use of a marketing automation technology to segment your email list for you on an automated basis. There is no need for guessing when it comes to determining who goes where since the correct leads are placed in the appropriate segments as a result of this.

Make the best possible use of your content.

Every piece of content is not created equal. Examine the material you’ve produced to determine which elements would be the most effective fuel for your email marketing. This will often be content that has already received a significant amount of interaction in the form of downloads, views, and conversions.

Select which pieces of content should be used where in the buyer’s journey, which campaigns should use them, and then fill in any gaps left by old material with fresh content. You’ll cover all of your bases and, ideally, get a lot of mileage out of prior works you’ve previously published for a variety of purposes.

3. Make it personal

When you combine an email marketing automation platform with a customer relationship management system, you will have access to critical information about your subscribers. Important because having this type of information will allow you to send tailored emails, which have far greater open rates than generic bulk emails.

A subscriber’s first name in the subject line may increase open rates by 50 percent compared to emails with non-personalized subject lines, and greater open rates enhance deliver-ability by allowing emails to avoid the spam bin and reach their intended recipients. Given these kinds of outcomes, plus the fact that automation makes personalization simple, there’s no reason not to become acquainted with your consumers on a first-name basis.

4. Reduce the complexity of your style

While it may be tempting to experiment with all of the many design possibilities available, keeping your layouts basic and elegant is the greatest strategy for achieving email marketing success. Recall that a large proportion of your email customers will read their messages on mobile devices, and that sophisticated email design might be difficult to read on mobile devices.

Your email service provider usually provides a number of email templates; choose one that works for you and isn’t overly complicated and use it as a starting point.

Keep the copy as tight as possible.

In the same way that you may over-design emails, you can also overwrite email messages. Make sure you don’t overwhelm your reader with a wall of text—the perfect email is one that can be skimmed, has a clear goal, and includes eye-catching graphics.

Our attention spans have all been reduced as a result of social media, and we have little patience for large blocks of text. Effective emails have comparable bite-sized content and entertaining images, as well as a compelling motivation for the recipient to click through.

5. Make your call-to-actions very clear

The goal of an email is for the recipient to take action, so don’t bury your call to action or make it tough to find. Please inform your subscribers if you would want them to schedule a demo, download additional information, or schedule a phone contact with one of your sales representatives. The probability that more of your readers will really take action increases if you make the call-to-action as obvious as possible (both in terms of content and design).

If you’re using an email template, ensure the layout, place your call-to-action (CTA) at the top of the message. It’s a good rule of thumb to add buttons or icons in your email design since they are visually appealing and can assist boost your click-through rate.

6. Your subject line should entice readers to read more

In addition to writing a subject line that piques their interest, the key to persuading subscribers to click through is to contact them personally. It doesn’t matter if your email is strictly transactional, such as a sale announcement with the promise of a substantial percentage off the list price, or more emotionally engaging, such as a pop culture or musical reference; your subject line is the doorway into your email voice.

Try putting a few subject lines through A/B testing to see which ones work the best, and then come up with some fresh ideas on how to replicate your success.

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7. Establish a cadence of events

If your campaigns are running smoothly, your emails should be sent out frequently enough to keep your brand front of mind and develop trust without being sent out so frequently that your audience feels like they’re being bombarded with information.

As you plan your strategy, consider how frequently you want your emails to be delivered. And from there, make a point of tracking important conversions on a frequent basis so that you can adjust your cadence as necessary. A little experimenting should enable you to locate a sweet spot that meets both your objectives and the attention span of your reader’s attention span.

Prepare to make decisions depending on what you discover. If you observe any unfavorable tendencies in your email marketing, such as a decrease in your open rate, a lack of conversions, an increase in unsubscribes, or a decrease in your deliverability, it’s a clear sign that something needs to be done.

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