Because the world of online marketing is so wide, it might be difficult to acquire an overview and identify the correct technique for your organization at first. This encompasses online public relations, social media, affiliate marketing, newsletter campaigns, and Google AdWords, all within the context of a well-coordinated marketing mix.

Online Marketing

Identifying the most relevant channels and achieving the best strategy are decisions that are in your hands, because depending on the industry, the offer, the target audience and your purposes, you will have to prioritize some channels and relegate others to the background. Despite all these variables, there are some recognized online marketing fundamentals in the industry that every marketer should consider. For listing your own online business, you can visit List My Business India.

Some of these exciting fundamental strategies are mentioned below. So, keep reading.

1. Use the website as a communication tool

The corporate website is the Internet business card of any company and, therefore, the basis of any online marketing strategy. Although the importance of corporate websites has diminished with the rise of social networks, they still remain a fundamental element when it comes to presenting, exhibiting and extending the presence of a company on the Internet. The efforts behind a corporate website are many and, in most cases, they do not end when the page has been launched.

Once online, every administrator or owner of a website has to work on it, and take care of its contents and use it as a communication tool. Maintaining an up-to-date website with innovative content not only creates an incentive for your visitors, but also sends a signal to Google that your content is current and relevant, and that it is being managed to date.

Of course, it is not necessary for a small bakery to create a web page using a large content manager and a large database. Blogs are often a good alternative for small businesses, especially in the food industry.

2. Content is priority

Losing sight of content quality when planning a marketing strategy is a very common mistake. In recent years, and compared to traditional advertising, such as television ads or banners, content marketing has proven to be clearly sustainable. Every entrepreneur must be aware of the increasing importance of inbound marketing methods.

With this, unlike traditional advertising, in which the content is sent to potential customers, the content is designed in such an attractive way that it is the same users who seek and access them.

This is why you should focus on producing interesting, entertaining and quality content that has added value for the reader. Remember that positioning yourself as an expert on your own topic is a fundamental factor in gaining the trust of your target audience.

3. Online marketing requires time and experience

A social media campaign or content marketing strategy is not developed and implemented overnight. Online marketing is a full-time job. Taking care of social networks should not be left in the hands of inexperienced people and optimizing a website should not be a last-minute task. Putting a marketing strategy into practice from which a company derives long-term benefits takes time and should not be placed in the hands of someone without the necessary experience.

Especially those companies that are taking their first steps in the field of online marketing tend to underestimate the amount of time that must be invested in the beginning. It can take weeks, even months, until the first campaigns have been optimized and SEO measures start to show results.

Patience is necessary, more specifically when it comes to search engine optimization. Because a good search engine ranking does not happen overnight, to achieve success with the initial optimization measures you have to be constant. In the end, the results obtained are potentially sustainable. 

4. Online Marketing must have a Definitive Strategy

There is a dangerous combination for online marketing: little knowledge and a large budget in hand. Many start to invest sporadically here and there, spreading capital in order to test a wide variety of marketing channels. Now this, may sound reasonable to some is not really the best idea, since this type of procedure is unnecessarily wasteful.

The best thing to do is always follow a sensible strategy from the start. You need to plan your marketing mix so that it ideally matches your channels and campaigns. This includes selecting the appropriate methods and tools to achieve clearly defined objectives. The attribution models of web analytics, for example, are of great help in identifying the most relevant and profitable channels for a company. 

5. Usability before design

Of course, the design of a web page is very important. When visiting a website, and depending on the industry and the service, the user expects an attractive design and a modern and creative execution. In this way, design becomes the greatest advantage and a key element when it comes to reaffirming an unmistakable corporate identity, as, for example, in the case of Apple.

However, other performance-related factors cannot be ignored, especially those that have a direct influence on the user experience. A clear and orderly navigation must always be a priority, that is, the visitor must be able to move intuitively and simply through the web.

Now, if a web page is visually attractive and innovative, but has deficiencies in terms of its usability, it is very likely that users will not stay on it for long. The same principle applies to mobile optimization as well: efforts should be focused on a simpler and better distributed design that enables an optimal mobile experience.

6. Obtain information about the target audience

In traditional commerce, clients are personally counselled with the idea of ​​making them feel courted, cared for and fully informed. The customer is king and although in that sense there are not many differences with the online sector, many online marketers tend to forget it. Even with their online marketing activities, companies must appeal to their specific consumers and persuade them to buy.

Unlike traditional commerce, where stakeholders can be identified quickly, in the online environment the challenge is, first of all, to find potential customers. A prerequisite for this is knowing the audience and tailoring all promotional activities accordingly. The web analytics is an essential tool for any merchant who wants to measure, analyse and maximize their online success.

Web analytics tools like Google Analytics provide detailed information about your market, how it behaves online and the best way to attract it to your business.

7. Don’t lose sight of ROI

The final of our seven internet marketing fundamentals is to never lose sight of Return on Investment (ROI). Every profitable firm understands a basic equation: earnings must always be greater than costs. Return on investment is the term used by internet retailers in this context. ROI can be used to measure the performance of a company activity by calculating earnings in relation to invested capital.

ROI is especially important in expensive disciplines of online marketing, such as Google AdWords campaigns. In this way, it is possible to control the financial profitability of one or another advertising strategy. Remember that you must also include the percentage of expected losses if it is paid ads (also called Paid Advertising). At this point, planning is key, because if it is not done thoroughly, it can incur an unnecessary expense of money.


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