Creating compelling content is not within the reach of any brand. But it is one of the factors that achieve greater engagement with users. And that, of course, help the brand to be known in differentiated areas with less investment.

Content Marketing

However, creating compelling content is not so much a matter of resources as it is of creativity. Although some brands think that the higher the investment, the better the results in terms of the dissemination of content, the truth is that the 2 essential factors to create irresistible content are:

To Be original: It is best to seek a new and different perspective on the specific topic.
To Be Creative: It is the secret ingredient when it comes to creating compelling content. The way to impact users is to apply creativity to all elements of content marketing strategies.

Content Tailored to Users

All in all, the content will be irresistible only to a specific audience. Trying to surprise everyone will lead to disappointment. Not all content is irresistible for everyone. Therefore, it is important that you segment your target audience well. Only in this way will you be able to generate the contents that interest the people who are waiting for them.

And, for this, it is essential that you perfectly define the different buyer persona to whom you dedicate your content marketing efforts.

Human Psychology also Affects

Also, there are other factors to consider. For example, the psychology of people. Do you know why users share your content? In many cases it will be because the message is perfectly generated. However, there are situations where even great content is not shared. Why?

A wide variety of reasons can be cited. But the bottom line is that it doesn’t meet some of the basic rules of shareable content. Thus, the New York Times Insights Group studied how certain people shared content. The main conclusion is that content is shared according to common interests.

The same study points out the following motivations for sharing content.

  1. Define yourself in front of others.
  2. Grow and nurture relationships.
  3. Disseminate the topics that interest you.
  4. How to create compelling content.
  5. YouTube Preview Image.

These are 7 keys that you can put into practice right now to create compelling content.

1. Storytelling

Why is it that when you think of happiness one of the first images that come to mind is Coca Cola? The soft drink brand has managed to work its contents to tell stories that are related to joy.

The storytelling is one of the factors that have gained more weight in digital communication. Not surprisingly, everyone is capable of making a list of items. But communicating with original ideas and creating content that tells stories is somewhat more complicated. To create compelling content, you must inspire users. Go beyond the merely informative story to reach people’s hearts. For which it is necessary that you base yourself on close stories.

2. Humor

Humor is proven to be one of the keys to creating compelling content. In fact, on the main social networks, the most shared content is comic in nature.

However, creating really good humour content is not easy. The line that divides shabby from cool is very fine. And it can also depend on cultural factors. Humour does not work in the same way in some countries as in others.

Therefore, you must be careful if you use funny content as the axis of a communication to be shared. Although, curiously, most of the brands, sin of defect and not excess. Hooligan communication can be very effective.

3. Ask the users themselves

Do you know what your subscribers like? Have you asked him? Brands often make the mistake of thinking that they know their users better than they really do.

Therefore, if you want your content to impact them and encourage them to share it with their relatives, nothing better than asking them what messages they want to receive from you. By adapting your content to what users expect, you eliminate one of the most difficult barriers to conquer.

4. Bet on visual content

Text content can be very persuasive. In fact, good copy can make someone who reads a text move. However, visual content is one of the main factors for a message to be shared.

A short video but well worked is a piece that motivates users. For this reason, one of the great battles of social networks is being fought with the video format. Facebook has opted to promote tools such as Facebook Live to compete with the main audio-visual network, YouTube.

The rest of social platforms, from Twitter to Snapchat, continue to promote and value video content. Bet on creating good visual content and your messages will go much further than you imagine.

5. Take care of the design

The format of the messages matters. And a lot! Whether it is a newsletter, a landing page, an ad on Facebook or a message on WhatsApp, any of the elements that make up a digital marketing strategy must be properly designed. A proper design doesn’t necessarily have to be just visually pleasing. Above all, the design must allow the content to be consumed on any device.

What happens when a landing is not viewed correctly on mobile? Not only does Google penalize you by not showing you in the first search results. Worse still is that the user will leave the page and take a bad impression of your brand.

Therefore, you must take care of the design of all formats. From the spaces between elements to the size of the letter, the contents that are highlighted in bold, the typography or the layout of the message itself. Everything must be properly designed to make it easy for the visitor to want to share it.

6. Conduct interviews

Interviews are a format that works. It happened in traditional media and remains in the digital environment. Basically, because it is a format that favours reading. Putting a face on ideas is essential to achieve greater engagement.

In addition, your content will be more shared because the interviewee will want their community to know about it.

7. Use lists

Lists are one of the content types that users like the most. With the abundance of impacts that surround anyone today, lists make it easy to get the message across.
Therefore, creating compelling content involves identifying the main messages that motivate users and that define the benefits of your proposal. And, later, show them in list format.

This is, for example, one of the keys to achieving an effective landing page. A good list of benefits accompanied by a hero image and a powerful form will be the bases of an exponential increase in conversions. So, have you noticed how many infographics that are shared over and over again by different channels are made up of lists of all kinds? And remember. What users like will be widely shared.

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