If you’re searching for home insurance, you’ve probably done plenty of research on the various companies and plans on the market, but what you may not know is exactly what your home insurance policy covers.

You may be under the impression that it covers everything, when in reality it doesn’t cover every possible scenario that could happen to your home or belongings.

allianz home insurance coverage

This guide will help you find out exactly what’s covered by Allianz home insurance so you can rest easy at night knowing your house and family are well-protected from harm.

  • Contents cover

Contents insurance is a type of insurance you can take out to protect your property from damage. If something breaks or gets damaged, Allianz will pay for repairs and cover any loss of money that might be caused by that incident.

Damage caused to other people’s property is also covered, for example if someone trips over a broken vase in your house. Contents insurance is usually taken out on high-value items, such as TVs and laptops, or items that are particularly important to you because they represent something personal – like photographs or jewelry.

Contents insurance could also help protect your belongings if you accidentally flood your home with hot water, or cause an electrical fire while using equipment at home such as a hairdryer.

  • Contents cover up to £500 worth of valuables

Allianz home insurance covers any valuables in your home up to £500. If you have items worth more than that, speak to your broker to find out how you can add those items onto your policy.

Or, if they’re not something you want insured, consider taking them with you when you leave your house; leaving them behind could invalidate your entire policy if there’s a break-in and thieves take them.

Just be sure not to forget about valuable items: Your insurer will replace these for free if you ever do need their protection! For example, they won’t cover a theft unless it happens within 30 days of moving into a new property.

This time limit applies whether or not your contents are listed on your policy – so make sure they are! That way, they’ll know what to replace if anything goes missing after you move in.

You’ll also be covered by our Change Anything Guarantee which means they’ll change or refund any part of your insurance policy at no extra cost if you request it – even months or years later.

  • Burglary cover

In simple terms, if you’re burgled it pays to have Allianz home insurance. It includes damage or loss to your possessions (including your computer) and any extra living expenses incurred due to being made temporarily homeless by thieves.

Additionally, it will cover jewellery theft (although not all insurers do). But don’t go thinking that Allianz home insurance is a free ride for paying off those high-end bits of kit: a laptop stolen from your back garden will not be covered as standard but can usually be added on for an additional premium.

If you do happen to own an expensive bit of kit then make sure you check with your insurer whether it’s covered in full – otherwise you could end up throwing good money after bad.

  • Cover for accidental damage

All homeowners policies cover damage that results from natural disasters, like floods and tornadoes. Allianz home insurance will also help if your house gets damaged because of fire, smoke or theft.

The company also offers a special pet coverage policy that can help you pay for veterinary care after your dog or cat gets injured while you’re out of town.

You’ll be glad to know that any damage to your home caused by everyday accidents—like a pot boiling over on your stove—is typically covered as well. (You might have to pay for some costs up front.)

In most cases, if an accident happens inside your home, you can make a claim from anywhere with cell phone service or Internet access; there are no physical forms to fill out.

  • Personal possessions left in your car

In most cases, Allianz will cover up to $3,000 for any personal possessions left in your car. This is a nice safety net to have if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you have no way of getting into your home or apartment.

This can include luggage, clothing, camera equipment and other valuable items. No more will you have to worry about leaving these items unattended in your car!

  • Items stolen from outside your house

They’ll pay to replace any stolen items that were outside your house when they were taken, including most bicycles and motorcycle.

If a thief breaks into your garage or shed and steals something they will pay to replace it up to your limit if you buy an optional extra called Bike Cover (you can also get optional extras for items such as motorbikes, outboard motors and tractors).

They won’t cover you for theft if you’ve left things outside and have forgotten to lock them away. However, if someone breaks in by smashing a window or jemmying open a door, they will cover any items inside. Note: This doesn’t include damage caused by fire or smoke.

  • Cover if your dog bites someone

Pet insurance doesn’t pay for vet bills for regular checkups or routine care. Make sure you know what you are and aren’t covered for, and discuss it with your vet.

You might have to pay a little extra to get better coverage, but it will be worth it if something happens. And make sure your policy covers dog bites—some home insurance policies exclude them, so check before you buy!

  • Loss of rent while repairs are carried out

Protect your income while your home is being repaired after an incident. No fees for setting up and cancelling cover: you decide when to set up and cancel your policy, not Allianz.

Reduced rate for 20% of customers: You gets a lower premium if you haven’t made any claims in three years; it’s 10% if you’ve made one claim in that time.

Access to 100s of specialist tradespeople: They’ll help find you a company to repair or replace your home – Allianz has its own panel of independent specialists.

Many discounts available on policies from leading brands: You could save even more with a discount from providers such as Churchill, Victoria and Elephant insurance.

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