Dog behavior is a key factor in your relationship with your furry friend. When you know about pet training services New Delhi, it’s easier to communicate and care for him. And when you understand some of the common issues that take place when dogs behave inappropriately, it’s easier to avoid them. Here we have compiled a list of the most common dog behavior problems including separation anxiety, accidents in the house while left alone by owners, aggression and nipping towards children, jumping up on furniture and other misbehavior that might be taking place around your house or workplace.

dog behavior issues

Common dog behavior issues:

  1. Chewing: The proper management of your dog’s chewing habits is important. It can result in expensive dog dental work that you might not need to remove your furniture or even your walls. You can also apply a chew deterrent in your house. This works best when it’s sprayed on your counter tops, dressers and shelves. It creates a smell that dogs are not attracted to.
  2. Peeing in the house: It is rare that dogs actually pee in the house but there might be cases of accidental peeing if they are unable to find the toilet or if you are leaving nutritious dog food available for them to eat without supervision or you may have a bored dog for long hours which triggers them to pee. It is not uncommon that you take your dog for a long walk and they want to pee when they get home. If this happens, take them outside again or clean the pee. They can’t go back to the house if there’s still a trace of their pee.
  3. Barking: Barking is a dog behavior problem that is not acceptable. This can be very annoying for both your neighbors and you. In order to curtail this habit, you might have to keep him confined to the garden and stop him from barking when he hears other dogs or vehicles passing by. You can also train him to use an electronic bark collar instead of a traditional collar or use a citronella spray if this won’t work either.
  4. Aggression: Aggression towards other dogs, other animals, humans and children is a common problem with most breeds but it is observed in all breeds as well. This habit happens when the dog is poorly trained or when the dog is old and sick. To avoid this problem, you can keep your dog well socialised with other dogs and practice different training services Delhi to stop them from being aggressive.
  5. Jealousy: If you have a pet dog and a new baby in the house, it can be common that your pet shows aggressive behavior towards the new baby and even towards other pets in the household but there are ways to train your pets to get used to this new situation in your life. You can find more advice on how to deal with this problem here.
  6. Digging: Dogs usually dig in the back garden or in their crates. This is a common dog behavior that owners should look into before it becomes a problem. If your pet is digging up the back garden and damaging it there are steps you can take to stop this from happening. When they find cool stuff like bugs, they might get excited and want to dig around for them so if you don’t really want to put in effort, you could just let them be in the garden for a few minutes each day after putting down some treats.
  7. Chasing: Chasing is a very common dog behavior problem. If your pet chases other dogs, it’s important to be aware of this as this might result in aggressive behavior towards other animals. It can also lead to another common issue called dog bites which are often serious and very dangerous for both the dog and its owner. To avoid this from happening, you can choose the best dog trainer New Delhi with the help of a professional trainer or use citronella to deter them from chasing other dogs.
  8. Staying indoors: This is a common problem for many owners which results in the dog being bored and anxious inside the house. They might try to escape from the house by finding distractions like chewing and could possibly damage your furniture. If you are leaving your dog home alone for long hours, make sure they get enough exercise outside. 
  9. Jumping: Jumping on furniture or people is a common dog behavior issue that might become the reason for aggression in your dog. In order to avoid this from happening, you should try to train your pet from a young age. You can train them by applying a taste deterrent and prevent them from jumping up on furniture or people with an electronic device.

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