For many people, design is a trend that has come and gone. For others, it has become a lifestyle. Regardless of whether this aesthetic fits your particular style, these vintage home decor hyderabad for the living room will help you find ways to incorporate it in your home. The living room is the first place most people notice when it comes to decorating. It sets the tone for the rest of the house, and is a place for relaxation and comfort. The home decor items online hyderabad designs are an easy way to inject more personality into your living room design. The look of old does not mean antique, but timeless classics that can easily transition from casual to formal occasions with just a few adjustments in furniture placement.

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What is Vintage Decor?

Vintage decor embraces old-fashioned styles, colours, and textures. The look can vary, but it often incorporates classic pieces such as Victorian sofas or early American items. These vintage pieces are typically distressed by the time they are found, giving them a unique look that is hard to replicate. Combining vintage pieces with modern touches gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to style and design. Materials like wire mesh, iron and other metals create an aged look that is a fashion statement in itself.

Where does Vintage Decor Work Best?

The home decor shop in hyderabad living room offers an excellent backdrop for this type of decorating style. It is a welcoming room that is often the destination when you come home. This is also the best place to display unique items that make a statement on their own. Vintage style works well in every room of the house with a jharokha mirror, but it also lends itself to a more formal setting. High-end restaurants and hotels have used vintage furnishings and pichwai wall plates décor to create an atmosphere of true sophistication.

Vintage Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

  • Use Floral Patterns:

Today, vintage floral patterns can be found in different places, from clothing to home décor. These are some of the first designs that came after the Victorian era and offer a decorative touch without being overbearing. Floral fabrics and patterns provide a warm and welcoming look in your living room. They keep the decorating style on point without going overboard.

  • Go for Metal:

Metal is one of the most prominent elements of vintage pieces today. It is often distressed and cleaned to give it an aged look that is hard to replicate today. From iron headboards to metal picture frames, this trend looks great with any type of furniture you already have in place.

  • Vintage Persian Rugs:

Vintage Persian carpets come in all sizes and colours, making them easy to incorporate into your decorating plan. The only limit is your imagination, as they can be used on the floor or hung on the wall as a tapestry. Woven from traditional designs, these rugs work in just about any space seamlessly. To add more detail to the décor, layer it with an eclectic collection of throw pillows in different shapes and sizes for a trendy look that’s easy to continue if you decide to change the furniture out down the line.

  • Use Cherished Chairs:

Furniture is a big part of the vintage detailing in any room. Furniture design has changed over time, so it can be tricky to fit it into your overall wooden sculpture. Pairing a vintage piece with one in a similar style will create continuity amongst the furniture without being too matchy-matchy. Adorable chairs are a great way to add more character and interest to your living room décor.

  • Create Your Own Distressed Look:

One way to achieve that vintage look is to distress pieces on your own instead of buying them already weathered and worn. It doesn’t take a lot of work to get an antique look with the right materials. Using a wire brush to scuff up metal, such as picture frames and decorative bowls, gives them an aged look that is easy to replicate at home. Brushing paint over wood furniture can also create a shabby chic appearance.

  • Incorporate Antique Pieces:

You can also find vintage pieces for your living room or even online at reputable antique candle stand. Antique sofas work well in the living room or even throughout your home for their unique design and style. Many of these antique pieces are passed down through the generations, so you may get lucky and find one in your attic that has been hidden away for years.

  • Add some Outrageous Accents:

Incorporating outrageous accents is a great way to balance out the vintage wooden door design in your living room. This is also an excellent way to bring more unusual pieces into your home – anything from different colours and shapes to unique details like ornate trim can wake up a space without taking it over completely.

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