The purpose of Pharma Consultants in the pharmacy is to assist in identifying the path that distinguishes it as a firm and, once identified, to walk that path together in order to assist in any and all of the eventualities that may arise while on that path. A Pharma consultants assistance can assist us in identifying opportunities that will allow us to improve our pharmacy’s performance without losing sight of the essence with which we were born and in which our customers place their trust, as well as optimizing results, reducing costs, and increasing revenue, among other things.

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Today, a huge number of pharmacies have determined that they must expand their operations significantly and quickly for a variety of reasons. Their company needs to make a qualitative leap immediately, and even if they know how to do it, they require a travel companion who can help them through the process, who is well-versed in the market, and who has a wealth of experience working in pharmacies that may, at some point, be similar to yours.

The Need for a Pharma Consultant!

A marketing consultant must be able to answer any and all marketing questions that may arise, including campaign planning, marketing plans, and the calculation of the return on investment. It is important to study these areas because effective marketing, merchandising, and pharmacy promotions are dependent on good planning. Consequently, the pharmacy’s structure will remain healthy, allowing many families to continue to rely on it for their subsistence.

It is one of their criteria to have a thorough understanding of the market in order to be able to advise on industry trends and, in this manner, be pioneers in their field, taking advantage of the pull of various fashions or implementing corrective measures before it is much too late. It must be able to assist pharmacists in getting to know their consumers more intimately through the implementation and operation of loyalty programs, as well as their maintenance, by carrying out specific actions according to the segment that is of interest to us at any given point in time.

When it comes to our business, the user is at the center of everything we do. With their new ways of consuming and comparing products, we must provide them with a shopping experience that web pages will never be able to provide them and that competitors are not working on, as well as added value advice that allows us to differentiate ourselves. When faced with this situation, the consultant can offer solutions based on their extensive experience and understanding gained over years of dealing with pharmacies.

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Pharma Consultants can help create a Strong Brand!

A strong relationship with the customer implies the development of a strong brand for the pharmacy, where consulting is of paramount importance to the company’s success. A well-chosen corporate image will assist us in transmitting the qualities that distinguish us as a pharmacy establishment. When a client recognizes a brand and the values associated with it, they are more likely to return and refer to our institution if they receive a good service, making it easier for them to recall and link that brand image with excellence.

We must not forget to work on communication with the client in order to complete the circle around him, regardless of the channel through which we communicate. The client must be aware of what is going on in our establishment; therefore, all marketing actions taken at the Online level must have a corresponding Offline reflection and vice versa. The web requires a consultancy that allows us to engage in dialogue with blog readers, social media users, and so on.

In the pharmacy, we must materialize these interactions by having a thorough understanding of the product, tailoring the advice to each individual, and ultimately adding value rather than simply making a sale if that sale does not result in the creation of a customer.

Pharma Consultants can Guide you through the Competition!

Another pillar of consulting is knowledge of the competition; understanding what your competitors are doing and which market segments they are missing will help us to position ourselves as a company and exploit them by taking advantage of the competitive advantage of the information. A pharma consultants must be aware of what his or her customers’ competitors are doing, in which categories or services they are leaders or have established themselves, and be able to provide his or her pharmacy alternatives in order to avoid a pricing war that will be detrimental to both parties.

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For Inventory Management!

Another key area to address from a consulting perspective is inventory management. This includes the selection of assortments and purchases, which account for between 70 and 75 percent of the pharmacy’s expenses. Adjusting the selection to the needs and desires of our customers will assist us in increasing the turnover rate of the pharmacy and therefore maximizing the return on the money we invest in the acquisition of this product.

Determining precisely, in accordance with the demand for the product, the exact safety and maneuvering stock in order to obtain the maximum profitability of the same without actually making mistakes is one of the areas in which the consultant must excel, and working well with the stock will allow you to see very quickly the value that a consultant brings to the pharmacy.

Similarly, if 70-75 percent of the expenses are incurred in the procurement of the product, only 10-12 percent are incurred in the people expense; therefore, we must not overlook our employees and ensure that they are kept motivated and trained. The consulting can assist pharmacies in both aspects by establishing incentive plans that are oriented toward certain targets, differentiating them between different locations and persons, and tailoring them to meet their specific requirements at the moment.

It is essential that continual training be provided for all aspects of the product, customer service and sales strategies, stock management, and so on.

In Assorting Categories and Departments

Another area in which to work in consulting is the organization of the pharmacy by categories and departments. Assigning different roles to the different people who make up the team based on their personality types, strengths, and weaknesses will allow the consultant to assist the pharmacy in defining the best position for each employee, as well as assigning responsibilities and functions. This will result in more fluid and effective procedures in the pharmacy, as each individual will be focused on what they do best in order to achieve success.

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The Bottom Line

Consultation with a pharmacist is required for all of the aforementioned issues. It is necessary for consulting companies to take a holistic approach to the needs that the pharmacy may have; in other words, they must assist the pharmacy in all possible ways while going above and beyond the pre-established in order to find innovative solutions to the problems that the pharmacy faces on a daily basis.

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