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Smile Center of Orlando

Smile Center of Orlando

When your teeth are in pain, Smile Center of Orlando can help. If you’re suffering from a toothache, it’s probably not just because of an overactive imagination. A toothache (or dental pain) is usually caused by decay or infection that has eaten away at the nerve and pulp of your tooth. It can be incredibly painful—especially when it happens to one of your molars! Fortunately, there’s a solution: root canal treatment. Root canals are a safe way to repair and save your damaged tooth. They involve removing the diseased pulp from the inside of your tooth and filling it with an inert material to prevent further infection from spreading through the tooth. This helps restore its function and appearance so you can chew on both sides again! Root canals are sometimes perceived as being too expensive or risky for some people, but this isn’t true at our Winter Park dental office! We offer several financial options if you don’t have insurance—including interest-free payment plans—and we accept most dental insurance plans.

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