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QWERTY Education Services

QWERTY Education Services

Empowering Academic Success with QWERTY Education Services
Unmatched Expertise in ADHD Evaluation and Learning Disabilities Assessment
Since our inception in 1976, QWERTY Education Services has been at the forefront of providing exceptional educational support in Menlo Park. We specialize in a comprehensive range of services, with a particular focus on ADHD evaluation, ADHD testing, and assessments for various learning disabilities. Our commitment to personalized, one-on-one tutoring and education-focused initiatives reflects our unwavering dedication to nurturing the unique needs of each student.
ADHD Evaluation and Testing: A Path to Understanding and Progress
At QWERTY Education Services, we recognize the significance of early and accurate assessments for attention-related challenges. Our ADHD evaluation services encompass thorough assessments for children and adults, ensuring a precise understanding of individual needs. From attention deficit disorder tests to ADHD screening tests, we employ a holistic approach to uncover nuances and tailor strategies for academic success.
For adults seeking ADHD evaluation, our services are designed to provide clarity and support, enabling informed decision-making and personalized interventions. We understand the complexities of ADHD in different stages of life and are committed to guiding individuals toward effective strategies for managing and thriving with their unique strengths.
Comprehensive Learning Disabilities Assessment
Beyond ADHD, our expertise extends to comprehensive learning disabilities assessments, covering a spectrum of challenges, including reading disabilities and learning disorders. Our team of experienced learning specialists employs evidence-based assessments to identify specific learning needs, allowing us to craft targeted interventions and support plans.
At QWERTY, we believe that understanding the nuances of learning differences is pivotal in fostering academic success. Whether it’s an ADHD assessment, learning disabilities evaluation, or reading disabilities testing, our commitment to individualized care remains unwavering.
In the heart of Silicon Valley, QWERTY Education Services stands as a beacon of excellence, providing the tools and support necessary for students to overcome challenges, unlock their potential, and achieve academic success.

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