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Luxury Connect Business School Luxury Connect Business School

A luxury product carries a whole world with it of craftsmanship, art, freedom of expression, exclusivity, desire and never comparative. Hence need a professional who appreciates and understands the magic of it. This is where LCBS will focus, introducing the candidates to the niche and exclusive segment, enhancing their skills and developing them as a Luxury professional. These advanced level courses are open to the candidate with an industrial experience or have an eye to value and understand this gigantic industry. This course will help to enhance the skills and knowledge of the candidate and to enter the highest level of Luxury. LCBS is an initiative by Luxury Connect.

For the past several years, luxury in India has seen a consistent growth of about 20% pa. The luxury industry is estimated to reach 15 billion USD by 2015. With the ever burgeoning retail sector and the myriad number of international brands entering or expanding their base in India, there is a considerable need for trained professionals in the luxury retail & service sector. As per a national report, it is projected that by the year 2022, Indian Luxury Products & Services Segment will be requiring Manpower to the count of 5.6 million heads. Further, it has been found that the existing manpower Lacks in Professional Luxury Expertise and at times unable to maintain the standards of a Luxury Brand.
Luxury Connect has been amongst the first few to identify this surging task and has set up India’s first and only Luxury B School –LUXURY CONNECT BUSINESS SCHOOL (LCBS).
With the expected rising demand, we have customized and designed various programs to focus education and training in areas like brand management, retail services and skills, customer relationship management and more.
LCBS targets to secure the Luxury Segment by offering specialized luxury education and re-skilling programs via Executive as well as student education tracks. Global best practices and content formations by world renowned schools like SDA Bocconi; International University of Monaco; Jean Claude Roustant, the LVMH veteran, coupled with our extensive experience on the Indian landscape will help bridge the rising gap of skilled talent.
The Core Programs we offer at LCBS are:
1. Post Graduate Diploma in Luxury Management (PGDLM)
2. Executive diploma in Luxury Management (EDLM)
3. Management Development Programs
4. Corporate Training Workshops
For more details about our programs visit:
Why pursue a course at LCBS?
LCBS revolves around the fact that the entire idea of India’s first luxury Business School is:
• Designed & Perceived by the industry ;
• Developed and written by the industry and
• Delivered by the industry.
Hence unlike normal colleges, all programs at LCBS are being delivered by handpicked professional from within the trade who share their views and thoughts with our students apart from the regular academic knowledge. The idea is to make our students as aware and as comfortable with the industry as is possible.
Following are the USP’s for LCBS:
Luxury Connect Business School, has been carefully designed keeping in mind the standards and gaps prevalent in the industry. Taking a step further, the school has collaborated with international universities to provide a global perspective to the students. Post successful completion of short-term programs; the school has introduced diploma and post graduate courses in collaboration with International University of Monaco. The key focus being on faculty and student exchange programs, the students will benefit from local experiences coupled with the right amount of international exposure.
Luxury Connect Business School prepares an individual to serve a career in the luxury industry. This means the individual is ready to serve any segment of the retail industry be it the high-end haute couture brands to pert-e-porter lines to retail chains at various levels like a country head, brand manager, buyer, operation head etcetera. In addition, most of our programs are internationally certified. LCBS also tries to help its students apply for various job opportunities available from our clients.
The Business School targets to secure Luxury segment by offering various educational programs for both professionals and students. The school offers the most comprehensive set of experiential learning short track executive programs to full time postgraduate diploma programs on international lines. Being India’s First Luxury School, we are proud of our International standards of education, global tie-ups and well-experienced professors and a strong alumni.

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