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Kinetic Inquiry Feldenkrais

Kinetic Inquiry Feldenkrais

At Kinetic Inquiry Feldenkrais, we are dedicated to facilitating holistic wellness and optimal movement potential through our comprehensive range of specialized services rooted in the Feldenkrais Method. Our offerings encompass a spectrum of transformative experiences, including refined Feldenkrais Methods, invigorating Feldenkrais Exercises, immersive Feldenkrais Training, and personalized sessions guided by Laura Yedwab’s Feldenkrais Practitioners and therapists in Kirkland.
We prioritize a client-centric approach. Our tailored Feldenkrais Therapy sessions are designed to nurture and restore harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. Our seasoned Feldenkrais therapists leverage their deep understanding of neuroplasticity and body awareness to curate sessions that promote enhanced movement quality, expanded flexibility, and refined postural alignment.
For those seeking to deepen their connection to the Feldenkrais Method, our comprehensive training programs offer an in-depth exploration of its principles and applications. Our Feldenkrais Training is led by Laura Yedwab, an experienced Feldenkrais instructor who empowers participants to embody the essence of this method and become proficient Feldenkrais practitioners.

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