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BetterVet Denver, Mobile Vet Care

BetterVet Denver, Mobile Vet Care BetterVet Denver, Mobile Vet Care BetterVet Denver, Mobile Vet Care

What if you could get vet care on wheels? What if that same vet could come to your home, and check in on your pet? What if that vet could give you a video consultation, an in-home visit, or even just a quick call? Well, now you can! BetterVet Denver, Mobile Vet Care is a full-service veterinary practice on wheels supported by a powerful digital platform. Whether you need a quick video consultation or an in-home visit, it’s simple. Just open our BetterVet app or website, book an appointment, and we will come to you. We offer all the major services that your pet needs to make sure your pets live a long, happy, and healthy life. If you want to learn more about our mobile veterinary services and want to make sure it’s the right choice for you and your pet, then book your first virtual consultation with your BetterVet veterinarian in Denver. Mobile vet care is simply easier and more convenient for pet parents—and the pets themselves!

Allergy Testing and Treatment, Sick Visit, Dermatologic Examination, Euthanasia and End of Life Services, Neurological Examination, Orthopedic Examination, Pain Management, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Video Consultation, Ultrasound Examination, Microchipping, Blood work, Vaccination, Wellness Exam, Nutritional and Behavioral Consultation, International Health Certificate, Domestic Health Certificate, Surgery, Dentistry

The BetterVet Difference
If you’re a pet parent who has a busy schedule, has gotten turned away from packed clinics, or has anxious pets, BetterVet is for you. BetterVet’s mobile vet services provide a hassle-free experience. With in-home vet care, we bring expert veterinary care to you. Avoid traffic and pet carriers, and let your pet stay calm and stress-free with every mobile vet visit.

How Are We Different?
Our founders envisioned a better veterinary experience with doctors and nurses who are empowered to treat pets and parents like family. We do that by uniting compassion, convenience, transparency, and technology into the BetterVet care experience.

We’re truly mobile
We believe the future of vet care is mobile. Our mobile model lowers your pet’s stress, reduces exposure to infectious diseases, and improves accuracy in diagnosis.

Tech-enabled Vet Care
From smart vet-tech to our modern app, technology enables us to deliver the best veterinary experience.
Compassionate Teams
Our doctors and nurses are passionate about providing the best vet care. Join our team

Areas we serve!
Los Angeles
North & Central Jersey
Orange County
Silicon Valley
South Florida
South Jersey

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