As an entrepreneur, you will always be looking for a way to optimize your budget when showing your brand on the internet and making sales on your website. For this reason, we recommend that you integrate different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, which can help you position your website organically, at no cost, in search engines as important as Google.

effective Link building strategies

A strategy that can be very useful to boost the positioning of your website in search engines is Link Building. If you have not heard of this tool before, I invite you to know its characteristics and the way in which you can integrate it into your SEO strategy.

What is a Link Building Strategy?

A Link Building strategy (link building) refers to a set of actions that seeks to generate more Back Links or inbound links, which direct traffic to your website from external or third-party sites.

Now, the idea is that those Back Links come from domains and pages recognized for their authority and good reputation. How do we know that? When these sites have a good location in Google Page Rank.

And what is Page Rank? It is a Google mechanism that places these sites in the first places of the search engine, based on their relevance in certain matters of interest to users.

Why the Link Building strategy is important for SEO?

To occupy the first places in search engines like Google in an organic way, it is necessary to work on our SEO strategy and apply all the tools that we have at our disposal.

Among the elements that we can apply to improve SEO and enhance our website, we have the Link Building strategy. Why? The answer is simple. Because this strategy will allow you to improve the SEO of your website from third party websites to your site.

If one or more domains or pages with recognized authority in search engines redirect traffic to your website through Backlinks, you will already be generating a dynamic traffic in which the site will become visible and will begin to scale in location.

How can this strategy help your business?

The advantages of integrating a Link Building strategy are evident, by enhancing the set of actions that you are applying in your SEO strategy. The result of this work will be directly related to the traffic to your website or to a specific page and will also place your business in the first places of the search engines.

Therefore, it is understood that Link Building is a beneficial strategy for your business, which will be reflected in leads and finally, in the realization of sales of your products and services.

All this sounds very good. However, you must already be asking yourself the following question: How do I carry out a Link Building strategy? Well, here are some recommendations to work on a good strategy. Let’s do it!

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Practical Tips for Developing an Effective Link Building Strategy

  1. Build Backlinks profile naturally: Search engines like Google like the natural generation of Backlinks strategies, therefore, it is relevant to implement a Link Building strategy designed in such a way as to position our site accordingly.
  2. Links related to the theme of your site: What do we mean when we talk about quality inbound links? Well, they are those links that are related to the contents of your website or its context. Also, these links should have the authority feature. Quality Backlinks will undoubtedly enhance the positioning of your site.
  3. Domain authority and page authority: A good Link Building strategy, seeks to generate Backlinks from domains or pages that have a good location in the Google Page Rank, which means that they have a good reputation and authority regarding of its contents. This is a relevant factor to consider in your Back Links profile.
  4. Anchor text: This text corresponds to the phrase in which a link is located, that is, it is a clickable text that contains the link that will direct traffic to our site or web page. It is important to take care of the content of this sentence and that they are not just words of a call to action. The idea is that this text is related to the contents.
  5. Locate links within the text: It is a good strategy to locate the anchor texts or URLs in the body of an article. Locating the links in the writing of the content turns out to be more effective than putting them outside of this structure. 
  6. Include keywords in different links: Keywords represent a great tool to enhance SEO on your website, so it is recommended to integrate them in all possible links, as long as they are consistent with the content. The places where these key terms can be integrated can be: anchor texts, articles, images, URL’s, to name a few.
  7. Use the alternative text in the images: It is also important to integrate the alternative text when including images in the content, linking this phrase that can also contain the keyword, to enhance SEO through this link.
  8. Detect broken links: It is necessary to carry out a review of all our links to detect those that throw errors and do not allow users to access our site or web page, in order to fix them as soon as possible so as not to lose part of the traffic that comes from these links.
  9. Guest Post: There are some actions that, without falling into abuses, can benefit your Link Building strategy. One of them is the Guest Post, which means that you can generate content as a guest on a third party’s site, in order to link this participation to your own portal. Likewise, exchanges can be made between editors from different sites. These techniques must be well thought out in such a way that search engines like Google interpret it as a natural and gradual generation of Backlinks.

The Bottom Line

The advantages and benefits that a good Link Building strategy can generate are obvious. In addition, as entrepreneurs, it is important to take advantage of all available resources that do not involve higher costs for the business.

SEO positioning not only considers the implementation of an organic strategy (without costs), but also represents a complement to the SEM strategy (paid ads) and at the same time, helps to create closer links with users, leads or customers, due to the influence and importance of generating valuable content.


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