First of all, I want to let you know from the beginning i.e what are backlinks? The inbound, one way or the incoming links all come under a single shelter of backlink. These are the links and paves a way for one website to another website’s page. For e.g you have submitted your website URL while submitting your business details in This means that you are getting 1 backlink from the website to your website. The more you submit your links, the more backlinks you will get. Increase in traffic is important for a website and a good backline with high quality increases traffic. 

Hope you understand, what are backlinks? Now you must know the types of backlinks which are listed below.

  1. No Follow backlinks 
  2. Do follow backlinks
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What is No Follow Backlink

The link that has rel=”nofollow” as an HTML attribute is called the no-follow link. The important work of this is to instruct engines not to pass or send the link to the final page. As such, nofollow links have very little value from the SEO point of view. In simple words, a website does not guarantee that particular URL listed on its website. You can check the nofollow tag by right clicking on the URL and then select inspect. If you see the tag rel=”nofollow” that means the given backlink is nofollow. You can also check out various extensions available online.

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What is Do Follow Backlink:

A dofollow link is a link that does not contain a rel=”nofollow” attribute in its HTML code. This tells search engines to pass authority from the linking page to the destination page. Dofollow backlink helps to get better ranking and Google counts it for better ranking on search engines(Google, yahoo, etc). Dofollow backlinks help to improve page authority. Dofollow links give signals to search engine bots that this link is trustable and index the link on a current page. In other words, the website takes responsibility for that link. It also helps in improving your keyword ranking on search engines.

List of Backlinks You can Create

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Note: Hope, now you have a better idea of do-follow backlinks. Still have a query. Comment Below. You can also hire the SEO panel store for getting high-quality backlinks at a very budget-friendly price.


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