Starting a business is an extremely tedious work, and most of the time, if the efforts are genuine, success comes rather easily. Real estate is one of India’s largest industries, with a projected growth reaching Rs 20,000 crores by 2022. It has always been one of the world’s most important business areas.

From the enactment of the Real Estate Act – RERA to the introduction of concepts such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Title Insurances, the Indian Real Estate has recently seen a number of developments. Previously regarded as a corrupt industry, Indian real estate is gradually transforming into a more transparent and customer-friendly market. This is good news for both homebuyers and people who want to get into real estate to establish a business.Also, you can check real estate business listing India to get more info about real estate businesses and how they operate.

So, if you want to start a career as an agent in Indian Real Estate, here is our success advice for you.

1. Registration of business

The first stage in starting a real estate agent business is deciding if you want to work as an individual agent or join a company, partnership, etc. To start a company or work as anything other than an individual, you must register the business with the appropriate authority.

2. Budgeting / Financing

Financing a business, might be one of the most taxing stages. The appropriate type of finance is critical for the future. If you are an individual, you may begin by capitalizing on your own, but if you have opted to work as something other than an individual, you will require additional funding. You might think about getting a loan, but keep in mind that loans might hurt your business in the long run.

3. RERA Registration

The introduction of the new Real Estate Act has resulted in a significant shift in that, before beginning your business as a real estate agent, you will now be required to register under RERA for the particular state in which you wish to operate. This is simply accomplished by contacting to a reputable consulting business. A decent firm may simply take a day or two to register you. This can either be a very stressful effort or, if you employ the proper organization, it can also be the easiest work. You must use the RERA number you were given in all future transactions.

4. Taxes

There are many taxes that apply to business activities that you should be aware of. As an individual agent, you must file income tax, and this is a required document for RERA registration. Because of the recent implementation of Goods and Services Tax, if you have incorporated a company, you will now need to apply for a GST number as well. This is essential required because all financial actions must be in accordance with the Central Government.

5. Educate yourself – attend real estate training/seminars

If you want to be successful in any job, you must be well-versed in your field. There isn’t a lot of awareness for real estate education in India, but there are a few firms that hold seminars and training for real estate newbies all throughout the country. Attending such events will enhance your confidence while also allowing you to learn a lot of new things. Look for such training on the internet and reserve your seat for the next one.

6. Choose your specialty

When you have a certain level of knowledge, the next stage in Real Estate is to determine your specialty, whether you want to work in home brokerage, commercial brokerage, or both.

7. Portfolio – make contacts

As you prepare to begin your successful run in the real estate market, keep in mind that contacts are the most significant aspect of it. Your worth in this profession is decided by your portfolio or the individuals you know. Work with the top people in the field, and you’ll quickly become one of the best. Your personal contacts account for a sizable portion of your real estate business. This is due to the fact that it is a large industry, and in order to compete, you must collaborate with others.

8. Observe

To learn the art of brokerage, you must observe a great deal. Observe developers, other agents, and homebuyers. Only by keeping an eye on everything you will have a chance to come out on top. Business is ever-changing. To keep up with the speed, you must adapt and move accordingly. It is only feasible if you are acutely aware of what is going on around you.

9. Expansion – decide your working place

Any type of business, at some point, necessitates expansion. When you have devoted enough time to Real Estate in one location, you may decide to explore for other attractive markets for your firm. You might begin by studying real estate in several cities or states, and your contacts will come in handy here.

Attending training and seminars in other locations will also give you an insight of the real estate community in various locations. Consult with real estate specialists that are knowledgeable about real estate in several states. Finally, pick on a location. When you begin to expand, you must also pick where you wish to work. It is not possible to operate in many states at the same time. Select the largest market to handle on your own.

10. Advertise

You must publicize your business in order for it to expand successfully. There are various ways to advertise in real estate, and the best advice is to try them all. Advertise on social media and in print publications. Determine your target audience and the best methods to reach them both directly and indirectly.

Please be patient. Advertising cannot guarantee immediate results, especially in real estate. Advertising may take time, but it is always worth the wait. Advertising is critical while expanding, and if people appreciate your work, you will thrive.

Why you should consider Real Estate Business Listings?

Now another important aspect which you should consider before opening a real estate business is checking on the real estate business listings. Here you can find thousands of other real estate business owners who have listed their business and therefore you can contact them to learn more about their business.

Best Real Estate Business Listing India Websites

Now we will give you a bunch of Free Real Estate Business Listing Websites for India where you can list your website to attain more reach.

  1. List My Busnisses
  2. Whitepages
  3. Yellowbook
  4. Foursquare
  5. CitySlick
  6. Brownbook
  7. CitySquares
  8. YellowBot

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