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Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd.

Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd.

Year Established: 2015

Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned company that delivers enterprise-level web hosting services for small to large scale businesses globally and has a small eco-friendly family. Entrepreneurs prefer such web hosting because of getting the intense resources with 24*7 constant support at affordable prices. Our work-driven approach and services make us different from other web hosts. We understand the client’s money and time hence offer intense resources with customer-focused support. We proffer secure web hosting solutions by comprehending the complete business requirements, including Shared Server, VPS Server, and Dedicated Server, with the best price as per company standard.

Dedicated Server: It is an ideal solution for hosting large websites for E-commerce, online shopping, or HRMS portals and best for the enterprises more concerned about their website performance and speed to handle high traffic on websites. A Dedicated Server enables you to take the benefits of 99.99% uptime, optimal performance, customization, high data encryption, handle traffic spikes, features rich resources, and endless customer support. Whereas for enjoying the unmatched speed and unlimited bandwidth to enhance performance, 10GBPS Dedicated Server is the best web hosting platform.

VPS Server: The most reliable hosting ever to host the small to mid-scale business website and best for those willingly looking for a virtual hosting platform at an affordable price. VPS Server enables you to enjoy endless benefits such as the use of extensive bandwidth, high storage, secure network connection, private resources, and much more with 24*7 customer support.

GPU Server: GPU Server refers to the Graphics Processing Units typically built to provide fast processing and specially designed to create realistic 3D graphics at Speed. Similar to its name, it is power-packed with graphic cards. Best for the increased performance and 16X faster than CPU’s with reduced power consumption.

Cluster Server: A cluster Server is a group of servers (each server has its potential RAM, hard disk, and CPU) hosted under a single IP address to serve as a single identity. Your website won’t affect if one server network fails. The data is transferred to another server. Thus, let another server manage and handle your site without any interruptions that ensure instant provisioning, system scalability, and proper load balancing. Serverwala values your effective and priceless time. Thus, brings powerful cluster server services for you. The platform ensures to enjoy the high availability of resources with reduced downtime and outages by making available another server instance. So, no clients face interruptions in network connectivity and let you focus on your sales.

Colocation Server:
House space for your website with enterprise-grade resources, including storage, security, excellent network connectivity, and much from the purpose-built data centers that are owned and operated by Serverwala. We ensure to rent out rack space for your website hosting securely and serve you instant provisioning. Get complete administration and control to be the sole user of your colocation server with Serverwala.

Get the best out of the rest. Uniquely intensify your enterprise growth and enable you to make your business more optimized to appear on the top of the Google SERP page with Serverwala.

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