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A Healthy Whole Grain Granola Brand That Doesn’t Compromise Taste and Quality for Health. Gluten free oats, olive oil, coconut sugar as well as the amount of premium Nuts and Seeds are some of the high quality carefully sourced  ingredients we use in our Granola.  Tasting Oloaa Granolas is an experience by itself, we have made our flavors for everyone and all occasions and lifestyles. They are all handmade in the UAE with you in heart. Enjoy the best ingredients with the touch of taste and health. Our Chocolate granola is a mood-booster granola pack. 70% Vegan Dark Chocolate and organic Cocoa powder gives our granola an unique twist that will make every meal special. Oloaa Zaatar granola bar – salty, yet sweet with Zaatar and Sumac. Our paleo friendly zaatar bar is made with Goodness.
Choose from Granola Bags, Granola Bars, Keto granola, Paleo granola, Granola Packs, Protein granola bars or Gluten-free granola.

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